Sacked the Topeak Headlux Helmet Light.

Finally had enough of my Topeak Headlux helmet light this week. I bought the Topeak Headlux Helmet Light a few years ago. I was on my second one. I only had to replace the first one because the original one understandably broke when I landed on my helmet. They are good for the price, effective, lightweight and simple to use. They do however seem to have one fundamental flaw. The two I’ve had do not seem to work properly in temperatures under five degrees celsius. I have read other reviews and comments from cyclists having the same issue. If you don’t believe me, turn one on then put it in a fridge for half an hour. When you get it out you’ll find the light has almost completely faded. I started noticing this last winter when I would get home after a half hour commute in cold weather. I would take my helmet off my head to find the front light in particular had almost completely faded. At first I thought it was just the batteries affected by the cold. I went through a fair few batteries. I eventually realised when I left the light on a table for ten minutes to warm up then turned it on again it was back to full performance. I need my helmet light to be trust worthy and work in all conditions. I buy a helmet light in the hope that it helps save my life. I don’t need it failing on me at the time I need it most, cold dark winter commutes. A helmet light that fails every time the temperate drops below five degrees is just not good enough. I saw Evans Cycles were selling the Lezyne Femto Drive Duo Y10 helmet light for just £14.99 so purchased one as a replacement. Like other Lezyne lights I own the Femto Drive Duo built quality is second to none. At the end of this winter season I will let you know how I got on with it. Do you have any experience of the Topeak Headlux, Lezyne Femto Drive Duo or any other helmet light? If so let me know or suggest other products by commenting below…

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