Almost doored by car door on cycle home.

I almost got “Doored” whilst cycling home the other night. I approached a car that looked like it was only temporarily parked. I guessed this as its left indicator was on and engine running. Luckily my experience told me to look over my shoulder, check my surroundings and approach with caution as I know from experience that temporarily parked cars can suddenly pull out or their occupants open doors. As I approached the car I slowed down slightly and checked there was a gap in the traffic for me to manoeuvre into if I had to suddenly. Thank god I did. It meant I was able to safely swing out into the road and avoid the door that opened into the cycle lane. Had it happened at the same time the white car was passing and I lacked the experience or concentration, I hate to think what could have happened. I hope that by reading this both fellow cyclists and fellow drivers will think about this scenario in future. Cyclists should always be aware of the possibility of this happening and motorist should always be aware of the possibility of a cyclist passing, especially on a road like this with an obvious cycle lane. I read an interesting article recently about the “Dutch Reach”. Learner drivers in the Netherlands are taught to open their car doors with their right hand. This means that their body has to swing around giving them a view of any cyclists that may be passing. Brilliant idea that will hopefully make more drivers think before they open their car door. Try it yourselves the next time you open your car door. Though obviously in our country it would be a case of opening your drivers door with your left hand. Have you ever been doored or have any advice for drivers or cyclist on how to avoid being doored? If so let us know by commenting below…

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