Bike stands in St Peters Square, Manchester.

Great to see cyclists taking advantage of the new bike parking area in St Peters Square opposite the Midland Hotel. I walked to the tram stop at St Peters Square this week to get the tram to the match, saw the bikes and had to take a photo. I think the larger and more visible these bike parking areas the more confident cyclists will feel about using them. For many years parking your bike in Manchester city centre for a shopping trip meant searching for bike parking utilities that were often too small, inadequately designed and most were hidden somewhere out of site of the general public. Visible and adequate bike parking like this is fantastic and as with most cycling infrastructure, if done correctly like this it will get used. Have you ever had to park your bike in an inadequate bike parking area or stooped to a urine stinking Manchester back alley whilst visiting the city centre? Do you know of other great new bike parking areas in Manchester City Centre or any other part of the UK? If so let us know by commenting below…

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