Fallowfield Loop, urban off-road cycle path.

My first cycle along the Fallowfield Loop, or Floop as it is known to the locals. The Floop is a fantastic off-road cycle route that crosses South Manchester utilising old railway cuttings and canal basins. The Floop is part of National Routes 6 and 60 of the National Cycle Network. I cycled from Chorlton to Levenshulme. The surface was really impressive all the way. The only problem I had was at Chorlton, where National Route 55 links to the Floop. There was no signage at Wilbraham Road bridge at all which is surprising given that its the juncture of two major cycling routes. I will contact Sustrans, who do a great job of maintaining the route, to inform them of the lack of signage. It may have been vandalised as I’d be very surprised if signage had never existed here. The Floop was brilliant. Much like the Trans Pennine Trail route in the same area, I love where it shares the old railway cutting space with the Metrolink. Two modern, effective and environmentally friendly modes of transport sharing re-used space well is a great thing to see. I’ll definitely be using it more during bike rides in the summer. Have you experienced the Floop, is it one of your regular commutes or part of your weekend rides? If so let me know by commenting below…

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