I once parked my bike in a tree.

Locking your bike to a tree branch isn’t the best idea. In fact locking your tree to any object that can be easily removed, knocked down or sawn off is not the best idea. A few years ago I took my Kona Caldera hard tail mountain bike on a a train to the Lake District. I cycled from Windermere to the bike friendly Thorney How youth hostel near Grasmere. On the way I took a quick hike up Loughrigg Fell. That time I could lock my bike up against a bike lockup area behind the toilets in the public car park at the foot of the hill. The next day I got up at 5am and cycled back to Windermere. On my way I stopped at the small hamlet of Rydal where I needed to park the bike for a hike up the Fairfield Horseshoe. There was nowhere to lock the bike at all. I thought about leaving it deep in the woodland out of view from the main road unlocked. In the end I found this tree with a fairly thick branch and hung the locked bike on it. It was a lame deterrent that I would not have trusted elsewhere but decided in the quiet setting of a Cumbrian woodland at 6am on a Sunday morning I could probably get away with it. I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing it elsewhere. Have you ever had to lock your bike somewhere daft? If so let me know by commenting below…

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